UI & UX Designer
Design of full product experience for web, mobile, or unusual platforms.
8+ years


Poducts Realised
1 month

Avarage time todo the job
I can to conduct research, divide the work into the small pieces, made the draft in Axure, prepare the prototype with animation in Marvel or Justinmind and create a pixel perfect design using Sketch or Figma.

I have experience of work with 10m+ daily users products.
I know the modern stack of technologies. Graduated from the Faculty of Applied Mathematics worked like a developer.
Best works
Landing page design
The landing page for the finance company. For each block has been designed a unique icon and illustration. The main concept is a modern style of Bauhaus school.
News Service Redesign
The example of the successful test job for the company.
Video Service, Website
Withe Yandex design crew we made the design of streaming video service. Currently, it is Yander Video Service. Project under NDA. In personal conversation can tell about my role in the project.
iOS, UX Expertise, Redesign
I prepared the list of problems as a part of the app analysis and suggested UX and Visual Design solutions.
App Design
A simple and convenient way to get a tip from a client who does not have cash. The waiter can give the QR code to scan from the phone or print the coaster that he can prepare in the application.
SaaS, Logistic Software
The design of all scenarios of the logistic software. The purpose is a create the service, new product with a cool new experience. For the part of the job, I was conducting the usability tests.
Tell more about your project
You can start to work with me through the or sign a contract. We can start with a small trial project. It allows you to make the right decision with the designer that you need.
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