SaaS, CRM, ERP, Dashboards
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SaaS, Logistic Software
Logistic Modeling Service Design
The design of all scenarios of the logistic software. The purpose is a create the service, new product with a cool new experience. For the part of the job, I was conducting the usability tests.
Finance, SaaS, Dashboard, Panel
Minimalistic Interface of the Admin Panel
Design of the admin panel that allows managing network marketing projects.
Messaging, SaaS, Dashboard, Panel
Simple and Clean Panel for Messaging
Design of the resource that allows messaging through Facebook and Instagram platforms.
ERP, SaaS, Dashboard, Panel
Investment Cabinet
The design of the investment cabinet interface and as a result - style guide.
ERP, SaaS, Dashboard, Panel
Logistic SaaS — Kontur
The web version of SaaS logistic panel. Developed design system. The system allows developing more than 1 000 screens without necessity of Designer.
— Kontur company made the decision to redesign and do the web SaaS solution. There were more than 1 000 screens that developed for 8 years. The budget for the front end team is small. Time restricted.
— Desktop Application developed using operation system controls. The approach led to lost the focus on the man actions for the users.
— Desktop version built using many windows of the operation system. It is bad patterns on the web from a usability point of view. There was a navigation problem.
— To cover the problem of a lot of screens have been developed a design system that includes form layout, paddings system, grids, typography. The base for the system was Atomic Design. To reduce the cost of development for front end team, we took Semantic UI for atoms. Library with ready to use controls like inputs, text fields, labels, buttons, etc. Controls like input + label, main and additional information, action on the object have been united to molecules. Using the system of rule from molecules we built the whole organism – SaaS solution.
— The main actions have been handed down to the panel. Action divided into the groups. Each group allows operating with specific element types.
— The problem of navigation had been resolved by using the solution of tabs and highlighted breadcrumbs. Big elements are necessary for the users of the system older than 45 with low computer skills.
CRM, Saas, Dashboard, Panel
CRM, Saas, Dashboard, Panel
In the judicial stands were established, touchable monitors in a part of government modernisation. It allows the judge to saw all materials about each case in a finger ability.
The main problem is the habit of the user to use paper documents. It is retrograde users. Judges are aged and respectable people. The new computer service system does not cause them to delight. They know hot to do their work.
We have developed the system with a paper metaphor form the real world. Each paper is a case. When the user touches the paper he or she can see all information about legal proceedings. Clean typography, pastel palette, animation of the paper are involved judges to use the system.
Fintech, SaaS, Dashboard, Panel
Account Management Service — Seeneco
Accounting for all business finance, consolidation, analysis and planning of financial flows
Service began to actively develop. It was necessary to cover the new functionality of billing, import of bank accounts, visualization of statistical data on cash flows and much more.
I continued to improve the style guide, made the В рамках работы продолжил развивать существующий style guide. Разработал интерфейсы новых фич. Предложил набор типовых layout решений, которые могут быть переиспользование. Решения оказались удачными и сервис продолжает увеличивать количество активных пользователей.
Fintech, Dashboard, Panel
Cryptocurency Exchange — Upcoin
The user interface of online exchange with mobile version.
There were wireframes and logo. There was a need to do the pixel perfect user interface design of the exchange, landing page, white papers in a short time.
The work was divided into small pieces. In the first order is the main screen of exchange, the screen of payments. The work with illustrations I deligated to illustrator Alena Timofeeva. I made the design of the day and night theme of the exchange, the Style Guide. The result was more than 500 thousand users in the first month.
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