Answer on the question
Agree; Disagree; Erm...; I have no clue
I'm totally in favour/against it
Completely opposed/agree
Good idea in theory but not in practise
I have some major doubts
Some slight reservation

I am glad you asked
That is a good/great question
That question is rather interesting

I am quite sure
I am not 100% confident
That has caught me off guard

Frankly speaking
To be completely honest
To put it bluntly

I don't know
I am not the best person to answer that
I am not sure to hazard a guess
That falls beyond my scope of expertise
I don't think I can answer that
It's anybody's guess, really
I don't know where I stand, really

I would like to research that topic
It can take a few minutes to formulate the answer
Let me consult with my ...
I'm sure I'll be able to sort it out

Rough answer
Here is what I can tell you
My rough estimation would be
Let me put it like that
My best guess would be
Because; The way I see; As a matter of fact; To put it bluntly; In my opinion
If sentence
If sentence
If; In case of; Would; Would have
For example
For example
Just imagine; For Instance; To exemplify
To sum up; All in All; To recap; All things considered

Q: Do you think that North Korea will turn into democracy after the death of their supreme leader?

A: That question is rather interesting; however politics is not my topic really. I am not 100% confident what would be the outcome if their leader died. Frankly speaking, I am not even sure who their supreme leader is right now. I am a developer and this question falls beyond my scope of experience. I would gladly answer any question about IT industry instead. But I would like to research that topic and get back with an answer if you need it from me.

My rough estimation would be that Korea stays the same. But it's anybody's guess, really.